Try Coding, It's Fun

About the blog

Try Coding, It's Fun is dedicated to helping developers, self-taught or otherwise, love what they code. We strongly identify with the idea that coding, no matter the discipline or nature, is an extension of what's on your mind, limited only by your own creativity.

Coding is an art as much as it is a science. What you create may be technical and sophisticated in operation, beautiful and fluid in design, or any combination of both. Write code that makes you excited, and you'll love the creations that follow.

About the author

Reuben Reyes is a self-taught developer with a passion for humoring his imagination, over-sharing what he's excited about, and writing sometimes unnecessarily complex code. His professional statement is something along the lines of "...translating minimalistic and steadfast design style into web platforms".

Currently working on YDKJS Exercises (open-source, contributors welcome!) and helping out with the East Bay React Meetup Group(Join us on Discord!)